Photographer & Artist

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Irene Fiestas Contreras (born 1984 in Madrid) is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Bologna, Italy. She grew in Madrid until she was at the age of twenty six. She was decided to study during this time, she was studied Fine Arts in Accademy in Bologna, after which she immediately devoted her passion to art. Irene moved to Berlin for two years where she continue to work in photograpy and art and comeback in Italy 2017.

Over the years, Irene has developed a technique characterized by reflexions   photographs that combine traditional techniques and modern applications of photography and painting. The dream and reality…

The central theme of ‘nature and sentiments’ and the filosophy messages that Irene Fiestas communicates in her work is primarily expressed through her art. However, beyond her defining painttings,
Irene is also a multi-disciplinary artist whose works includes photograps, video art, poetry,engraving, drawings…